【Tokyo / February 19】NEWSTART whole foods vegan cooking class

Thank you for your interest in the NEWSTART whole foods vegan cooking classes, put on by Kensei Kyokai, a public foundation dedicated to improving the health of the residents of Japan. The classes are held on the ground floor of the Tokyo Central Church (see contact details below) 8 times a year. The program starts at 10:30 am with a presentation on important health information. The lecture is in Japanese (except for once in the fall when we have a guest lecturer from the US, at which time the talk is translated into Japanese). We are usually cooking by 11:30 and lunch is whenever everything gets ready to eat. After lunch everyone cleans up and then you are free to shop from the products we have brought there and/or go home. Usually everyone is out by 2:30 at the latest.

Participants are requested to bring an apron and a kerchief and a pen or pencil. The recipes are written in Japanese, but you can get help in translating them into English. All measurements are in Japanese measuring cup size (1 cup = 200ml).

Payment is made before the class begins.The cost for the class is \3000. If you bring a friend for the first time, you can get a \500 discount for any class after your first one.

A reservation is required, at the latest by Friday noon of the week before the class. Cancelling your reservation up to 5 days before the class will not result in a cancellation fee, but between 4 days and the day before the class, you will be charged half the class fee, and if you cancel on the day of the class, you will be charged the full fee, to be collected at the time of the next class、or by payment at a post office (we will send you a form).



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