1. Sansho Pepper is Nothing to Sneeze at

    There's the black pepper of "salt and pepper" fame, and then there is sansho pepper. Sansho is a pepper native only to J…

  2. The seven spice magic of “shichimi”

    If you've dined about in Japan, you are bound to h…

  3. A Very Special Tea Time with Matcha Mochi

    Matcha is green tea, or more specifically, powdere…

  4. Gobo: A Proud Member of the Tempura Family

    If you had to name a Western vegetable that was cl…

  5. What exactly is this “ponzu” thing?

    If you’ve waded even knee deep into Japanese cuisi…

  6. The World of Rice

  7. Wagashi is Dessert Done Traditionally

  8. Umeboshi: Have You Had Your Pickled Plum Today?

  9. Konnyaku: It’s Like Jello, sort of, but maybe Not At All

  10. The Acquired Taste of Natto




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