1. Vegetables in the form of sheets! The savior of modern-day dining. All about the VEGHEETS, made from all-natural raw materials.

    One day, the producer at Vegewel sent us a link of which we opened to find a certain product by the name of Vegheet.…

  2. Gaining Luck While Making Soba that “Always Holds Together”. The Fun and Delicious Soba Restaurant Complete with a Shojin Menu – Kamakura Hase Shiori-an [Hase]

    Kamakura Hase Shiori-an is a soba restaurant situa…

  3. 70 Restaurants in Tokyo With Vegan and Vegetarian Options

    Thank you for reading Vegewel Style!At Vegewel…

  4. Anti-Aging with Soymilk and Yakuzen. Do Try the Vegan Ramen with Soymilk Konnyaku Noodles! Tasty and Healthy Eats at Gavy Setagaya. [Kamimachi]

    Gavy Setagaya newly opened last December when the …

  5. The Renowned Taiwanese Vegetarian Restaurant Makes a Comeback! Delectable and Comforting – MSG-Free and Vegan Oriental Cuisine. Veggie House [Kinshicho]

    The popular Rinrin Saikan located in Kinshicho clo…

  6. Enjoy superb 7 allergen-free food prepared with naturally grown products at an organic life restaurant ANNIVERSARY GARDEN 【Shiroganedai】

  7. Plenty of vegetables! What is the localized fusion curry? “have more curry” 【Omotesando】

  8. “Fucha Ryori (a variation of Shojin Ryori)” to be enjoyed by everyone-Fucha Ryori BON 【Iriya】 where John Lennon and Yoko Ono also visited in the past-

  9. Refresh body and soul. Raw food café, “.RAW” 【Roppongi】

  10. “Cantonese en KEN TAKASE” where we can enjoy vegetarian courses of authentic Cantonese, pinnacle of Chinese cuisine 【Tokyo Station】



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