January, 2018

  1. Try all the popular veggie-vegan ramen at the “Shinyokohama Ramen Museum”!

    Vegan ramen has been a hot topic lately. Did you know that there are various famous vegan ramen dishes from within and o…

  2. The “Shizensaibai no Nakamatachi” has reopened in a new location! Depending on the season, you might be able to taste smoothies which contain the famous “Miracle Apple”! [Jiyugaoka]

    There are many veggie cafés and restaurants in Jiy…

  3. Love curry? Eat healthy curries! Eight excellent vegan curries at selected restaurants in Tokyo.

    If you love curry don’t pass up this report! Out o…

  4. Is this in Paris?! Fashionable falafel and vegan soft serve ice cream at Ballon Tokyo [Nakameguro]

    The Ballon Tokyo has opened on the 30th June. …

  5. Soy Meat Revolution! The Truly Amazing Soy Chicken by 150-Year-Old Tofu Company, Somenoya

    Are you familiar with the name, Somenoya, a tofu c…

  6. 4 Healthy and Heavenly Meatless Vegan and Vegetarian Burgers Available in Tokyo!

  7. Easy Macrobiotic at the Convenience Store – Interview with Morinaga Macrobi-ha Biscuits!

  8. ”Yuru-veg (Easy-style veg)” in the old Japanese-style house in Waseda – taking part in the roundtable session on the vegetarian lifestyle at Café VG! [Waseda Station]

  9. French Shojin Ryori! Japan’s first Shojin French restaurant, “Le Paysan” boasting 17 year history

  10. These are vegetable sushi! Look like cake, VEGESUSHI is booming in foreign countries. hoxai kitchen 【Interview with Sogen Ichizumi】



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