December, 2017

  1. Chill out and relax with a high quality organic vegan set meal at a newly opened restaurant which is set in a private house,“Lito Rukka”[Nerima・Heiwadai]

    The Lito Rukka is an organic vegan restaurant using a chosen space within a private house, and has recently opened on th…

  2. VEGETARIAN BEAST: their delicious vegan burger has many return customers, and also provides many more mouth watering vegetarian dishes! [Mejiro]

    Within a very short walking distance from the JR M…

  3. A newly opened café with groceries store“L for You”: for a beautiful and healthy stomach![Omotesando]

    The café “L for You” was opened on the 20th Septem…

  4. Dassai Store Ginza: the potential of Japanese “rice” that Japan boasts about to the world — from nourishing rice milk, sake-kasu lees ice cream, and its use in cosmetics —

    “Dassai” is considered as one of the most popular…

  5. Mikawaya, natural food restaurant in a fine liquor store. Enjoy a variety of drinks and a vegan friendly menu! [Mejiro]

    A third generation fine liquor store situated in M…

  6. Vegetarian or not, the locals love the“Original Vege Food”at 6889cafe! [Minami-Machida]

  7. Gluten and Additive Free“Wellness Curry” – Curry Shudh [Kayabacho]

  8. You’re in for a surprise when you taste this “egg yolk.” Vegan menus to delight your eyes and your palate at Mr. Farmer Omotesando!

  9. Beautiful colors of nature! Keep cool in the summer with these vibrant and healthy smoothies at Trueberry, Hiroo!

  10. Select the Vegan Deli of Your Choice at Sairam Okurayama!



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