November, 2017

  1. Take taste beyond your imagination! Genuine creative cuisine one step beyond the conventional vegetarian restaurant “Lotus & Flower’s One”【Higashi Koenji】

    ”Lotus & Flower’s One” is situated 3 minutes walk from Higashi Koenji Station.This restaurant was opened in February…

  2. Authentic South Indian Veg Curries cooked by the owner trained in India! Spice Box【Kanda】

    ”Spice Box” is a curry restaurant located within a…

  3. Vegeo Vegeco, a Stylish and Fun Yaoya Grocer in the Heart of Tokyo [Nezu]

    Situated just 5 minutes on foot from Nezu Station …

  4. “Komazawa Vegebon” A Healing Vegan Café in Komazawa Daigaku.

    The “Vegebon” is a café nearby the Komazawa Daigak…

  5. Pleasing and delicious big bowl of salad! KOE green 【Jiyugaoka】

    “KOE HOUSE” was opened in November 2016 in Jiyugao…

  6. “Marugo Deli Ebisu”- A Pioneer of the Healthy Smoothie Boom!

  7. Café Mugiwarai, Where You Can Enjoy Natural Yeast Bread and Healthy Side Dishes! [Minowa]

  8. Healthy and Stylish Macrobiotic Shop, Café Molty [Machiya]

  9. Long line in Tokyo waiting for Healthy Burger! TERRA FOODS

  10. Welcome! Vegans and Halals, SEKAI CAFE (Oshiage, Asakusa) Reaches hand to the Barrier Free of designs of Food.



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