July, 2017

  1. Popular fluffy and chewy pancake! Let’s enjoy vegan menus with a modern twist. AIN SOPH.soar 【Ikebukuro】

    AIN SOPH celebrates the 8th anniversary this year since it started as a vegetarian or vegan restaurant in Ginza in Decem…

  2. KiboKo:Wine and Organic Food Away from the Hustle & Bustle of Shinjuku【Shinjuku-sanchome】

    Today we speak with Naoko Numanami, owner of slowf…

  3. Fancy a vegan burger? You must visit ORGANIC TABLE BY LAPAZ【Gaienmae】

    A café located in Gaienmae, ORGANIC TABLE BY LAPAZ…

  4. Charming macrobiotic cafe! Cafe Amurita 【Oshiage】

    Cafe Amrita opened in December 2014.Amurita wh…

  5. T’s Restaurant: A vegan restaurant with classic dishes that anyone will enjoy! 【Jiyuugaoka】

    Opened in September 2009, T's Restaurant is an eas…

  6. Ikebukuro’s Top-Class Italian Restaurant “Mano-e-Mano” now has a Vegan Menu!

  7. Wanokashi Meguri(和のかし 巡)【Yoyogi Uehara】

  8. An Indian curry you’ve got to try!: SASAYA CAFE【Oshiage】

  9. MOR Happiness(モアハピネス)【Kichijoji】

  10. Pain de BRUN(パン ド ブラン)【Kugayama】



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