February, 2017

  1. Shochu is not Sake. Basically.

    Sake may be the alcohol from Japan with the most fame, but it is certainly not the only game in town when it comes to ho…

  2. Sake: A Rice Wine by Any Other Name is Probably Not the Same

    Japanese Sake ("sah-kay") has been known the world…

  3. Sakura-mochi: How About Some Rice Cakes with Red Bean Paste Wrapped in a Cherry Leaf?

    You’ll know spring is coming when you see it being…

  4. 【Tokyo / March 15】St. Patricks Day Irish Vegan Buffet at Hobgoblin Roppongi

    Join us to celebrate Irelands national holiday Sai…

  5. 【Tokyo / March 11】Tubu-Tubu Cuisine/Sweet Preview Session for Vegan, Vegetarian, and Everyone at Future Food Cafe Restaurant TUBU TUBU

    Please join us for a Tubu-Tubu Future Food Preview…

  6. With the Introduction of a Vegetarian Curry, CoCo Ichiban Now Has a Curry for Everyone!

  7. 【Tokyo / March 2】Special Soul Food Vegan Buffet event at the Pink Cow

  8. 【Tokyo / February 27】Meat Free Monday Lunch Meetup at T’s restaurant #14

  9. 【Tokyo / February 26】Vegetarian Sushi Making Workshop for 90min

  10. 【Tokyo / February 25】Viva La Fiesta “VEGAN”!@Shimokita Terrace



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