1. Popular fluffy and chewy pancake! Let’s enjoy vegan menus with a modern twist. AIN SOPH.soar 【Ikebukuro】

    AIN SOPH celebrates the 8th anniversary this year since it started as a vegetarian or vegan restaurant in Ginza in Decem…

  2. KiboKo:Wine and Organic Food Away from the Hustle & Bustle of Shinjuku【Shinjuku-sanchome】

    Today we speak with Naoko Numanami, owner of slowf…

  3. Fancy a vegan burger? You must visit ORGANIC TABLE BY LAPAZ【Gaienmae】

    A café located in Gaienmae, ORGANIC TABLE BY LAPAZ…

  4. Charming macrobiotic cafe! Cafe Amurita 【Oshiage】

    Cafe Amrita opened in December 2014.Amurita wh…

  5. T’s Restaurant: A vegan restaurant with classic dishes that anyone will enjoy! 【Jiyuugaoka】

    Opened in September 2009, T's Restaurant is an eas…

  6. Wanokashi Meguri(和のかし 巡)【Yoyogi Uehara】

  7. An Indian curry you’ve got to try!: SASAYA CAFE【Oshiage】

  8. MOR Happiness(モアハピネス)【Kichijoji】

  9. Pain de BRUN(パン ド ブラン)【Kugayama】

  10. L’atelier de maison de campagne + veganique【Jiyugaoka】

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