1. 【Tokyo / March 15】St. Patricks Day Irish Vegan Buffet at Hobgoblin Roppongi

    Join us to celebrate Irelands national holiday Saint Patricks Day at the Hobgoblin Roppongi in conjunction with the Toky…

  2. 【Tokyo / March 11】Tubu-Tubu Cuisine/Sweet Preview Session for Vegan, Vegetarian, and Everyone at Future Food Cafe Restaurant TUBU TUBU

    Please join us for a Tubu-Tubu Future Food Preview…

  3. 【Tokyo / March 2】Special Soul Food Vegan Buffet event at the Pink Cow

    【Tokyo Vegan Meetup official event】Please join u…

  4. 【Tokyo / February 27】Meat Free Monday Lunch Meetup at T’s restaurant #14

    【Tokyo Vegan Meetup official event】Please join u…

  5. 【Tokyo / February 26】Vegetarian Sushi Making Workshop for 90min

    【Tokyo Sushi Academy Tsukiji Branch event】To mee…

  6. 【Tokyo / February 25】Viva La Fiesta “VEGAN”!@Shimokita Terrace

  7. 【Tokyo / February 19】NEWSTART whole foods vegan cooking class

  8. 【Tokyo / February 17】Tokyo Social Vegan Friends & Vegan Food Dinner@”BLU JAM” Daikanyama

  9. 【Tokyo / February 15】Vegan Pizza&Buffet Night at Two Dogs Tap Room




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