No need to feel guilty when enjoying desserts at one of these five vegan bakeries

You might be worried about losing weight, or care about high calorie food.
Nonetheless you are a sweet lover as well, right?

In that case, we strongly recommend ‘Vegan sweets’.

Vegan sweets has favorable features like:

  • Has more low-fat, low-cholesterol than usual sweets and has no animal fats.
  • Consists of sugar beet – a natural sweetness with a lower GI(glycemic index), rich in minerals than the one using white sugar.

Today, we introduce tasty vegan sweets shop in Tokyo.
Don’t give up of getting healthy body and loving sweets.
Let’s give it try right away!

Wanna be beautiful and cute? All your wish will be supported by Cafe Amrita.

Cafe Amrita is located in Oshiage near Skytree, where their concept is ‘Healthy , beautiful and cute macrobiotic food’. Ms. Sakurazawa – the cafe owner said that the sweets are contained with seasonal fruits, and also since all products are vegan and gluten-free, it’s good for your health. Menu of the day is also tasty and healthy. You can also eat macrobiotic lunch. Check out ‘Cafe Amrita’.

Wagashi, Japanese traditional sweets are made healthy with special food products. Wanokashi-Meguri in Yoyogi-Uehara

Yoyogi-Uehara is one of the trending spots in Tokyo urban area, located in west of Shibuya. You can also see lots of sweet shop and you’ll be amazed. Wanokashi-Meguri is a Japanese traditional sweets shop. The shop does NOT use eggs, flour and dairy products. When it comes to Japanese traditional sweets, you might imagine sweet azuki bean paste (anko), race cake(mochi) and Japanese agar (kanten). Tastes so sweet but they don’t use white sugar. Instead of using agave syrup. Other products also use organic foods, so that it’s good for the health. Not only Japanese traditional sweets, but they also sell European sweets like pudding. 
Check out ‘Wanokashi-Meguri’.

You can enjoy the taste with a good presentation. Healthy sweets in Jiyugaoka – L’atelier de maison de campagne+veganique

L’atelier de maison de campagne+veganique is a little house restaurant located in Jiyugaoka. The owner is notable Italian chef, Yoshio Kato. He had been suffering gout for years. From his experience, macrobiotic food changed his life and career. Burdock roots, mushrooms and kelp etc… His dish is tasty and rich in flavor. His wife, Shinobu, creates healthy sweets avoiding butter, dairy products and white sugar. Nonetheless, the sweets are still eye-catching and lovely. The taste is same as usual and you’ll be satisfied with the whole dish. 
Check from ‘L’atelier de maison de campagne+veganique’.

Where can I buy this? Terra Burgers, food truck, is selling sweets sandwich

Have you ever tried vegan hamburger? If not, better try Terra foods. In fact, Terra Burgers has a good sweet sandwich as well named ‘Chocolate Whip cream Sandwich’. Surprisingly, no fresh cream and no animal food product inside this sandwich. Instead, they use sugar beet. It mainly appears in Aoyama farmer’s market located in Omotesando. Check this link.

Not Tiramisu, but Tiratisu? Dancecube Cafe in Kachidoki

Kachidoki is on the other side of Kachidoki bridge near Tsukiji fish market. It’s one of the famous waterfronts area like Odaiba. Dancecube Cafe is situated in cozy district. Their highly recommendation is ‘Tiratisu’. You might hear about ‘Tiramisu’, a popular coffee-flavoured Italian custard dessert. It’s soybean Italian dessert. No dairy products are included. Sponge cake is made from little eggs. But it’s also healthier than other cakes. This Italian sweet means ‘Cheer YOU up’. On contrary, Tiramisu expresses ‘Cheer ME up’. 
Let’s give it try. Before you go, this information will help you.

Any recommends? We will appreciate your frank comments.


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